Socially Responsible and Ethical Investments Philanthropic Investments

Because we have access to vast amounts of information we can find out how our money is invested and what effect it has in the world around us. Because of this some of my clients feel they should accept the responsibility of deciding how they invest and what they invest in.

The main Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) themes may include:

Climate change and energy efficiency. Both markets and political awareness have grown rapidly over the last few years and companies that have a positive effect may benefit in the future. Saving energy aims to increases profit as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

Quality of life. People working to produce goods and services for us to use and benefit from should have minimum levels of income, living standards and a political voice with social inclusion, access to education and the opportunity to grow and develop.

Sustainable consumption. This includes new technologies that allow us to use resources more efficiently and includes water purification, waste management and distribution, biomass fuel production and clean energy.

It is clear that SRI investments include the new technologies that will improve our future, use what we have more efficiently and reduce waste and costs. Therefore these are the investments of the future and will be the next success stories. Investors looking at SRI holding may no longer need to sacrifice returns, as global growth could come from these new industries. I have specialised in this area since 2000 and have seen a huge increase in the awareness of this market  together with a desire to take responsibility for the effect an investment is having on the environment.

I am a member of UKSIF (UK Sustainable Investment and Finance) and EIA (Ethical Investment Association) and will be supporting

Ethical Investment Week 18th to 24th October 2015 this year know as "Good Money Week"

The activity will include press editorial as well as presentations to local groups about how to invest ethically and with a socially responsible approach. If you represent a local group and feel this may be of interest please contact me to discuss it further. Information is available on the website Clients can invest with general SRI themes while others may be more specific and want clear areas to promote such as education, access to clean water, food and medication.

Philanthropic Investments

Sometimes money can be used to obtain a different type of investment. This may be the use of money to improve or change the lives of others. When money is invested in this way it is important to ensure the correct choices are made and the investment is in line with your requirements, for example.

1. Will the investment change or improve a situation in the way you want it to.

2. Are you improving the lives of other in a sustainable manner

3. Are the improvements giving greater social inclusion, better education and the ability to grow independently?

I complete due diligence on the donations in the same manner as ordinary investments and consider past performance, management structure and percentage of funds that reach the end beneficiary.

If this is of interest please submit your contact details and we can arrange a meeting.


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