All investments carry a level of RISK and we all know values can and do go up and down in value. However it is important to understand that a portfolio of diversified asset classes aims to produce an investment that is inline with your attitude to risk. Where appropriate I can advice on bespoke portfolios for my client’s to match their specific aims, needs, objectives and time horizon as well as attitude to investment risk.

Dependent on the client, a portfolio will typically cover different geographical areas, asset classes and industrial sectors to help ensure a large global spread of holdings and with an ethical and/or SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) overlay to match your individual needs if required. However I believe the ongoing advice and monitoring of a portfolio is vital so that changes can be made as the world markets change and develop with political, social and economic influences. I monitor performance regularly for all my clients. My charge for this service is 1% per annum paid either via the platform or direct from yourself by direct debit, this may be reduced for small portfolios below £10,000 and large portfolios above £750,000

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